Project Description

Soldier Settlement Website

As part of the Anzac Centenary Project run by the Victorian Government, Public Records Office Victoria embarked on a project to digitise the records of returned soldiers who were allocated parcels of land for farming. It was decided that a website would be set up so users could search and view these records online

The Challenge

  • Store and index over 10,000 digital files
  • Create an intuitive interface so users can easily find relevant records
  • Find a way to interact with users and allow two-way communication

The Solution

  • Create a custom architecture to allow the ingestion of 10,000 records and associated image files
  • Utilise a simple keyword search interface to enable users to research by name
  • Utilise visual mapping technologies to allow users to browse via locations
  • Engage with users by allowing them to contribute to the site via comments, transcriptions, image submission and corrections

Public Record Office Victoria




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